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Classic Wash

Whether you are interested in protecting your paint or maximizing the market value of your car, a Classic Wash is the perfect way to start. We use professional high-foaming soap to remove as much dirt and debris as possible before we start the hand washing, which reduces friction on the surface of your car. After a full-body wash, we use recycled, mineral-free water to give your car a spot-free rinse. We dry your car with soft and absorbent chamois cloths to efficiently remove any streaking from the paint and windows. Lastly, we use plush microfiber towels to clean the door jambs, frame, and door handles, which increases the functionality and safety of your car doors. Contact us to learn more about our Classic Washes.

Clay & WAx

As a step up from our Classic Wash, a clay bar treatment and wax is the ultimate combination to restore your car's glassy shine and smoothness. Take years off the surface of your car by getting the Full Exterior Detail. Each time we drive, our cars are exposed to environmental toxins such as air pollution, road tar, brake dust, insects, and other particles that damage the clear coat of the car. Our clay treatment removes these contaminants that cloud the paint color and helps reveal your cars true brilliance. Give us a call to see how your paint could benefit from our clay bar treatment and waxing.


From dog hair and sand to Cheerios and french fries, a thorough vacuum can make a huge difference in the cleanliness and aroma of our cars. Our Classic Wash includes a high-suction vacuum that refreshes your interior and decontaminates the air we breathe inside our cars. Call us today to see how we can improve the look, feel, and smell of your carpets and upholstery. 

Engine Bay Cleaning

It is recommended to wash motor twice a year to maintain the presentation of the engine and preserve its value. Also, a debris-free engine bay will better show mechanical problems such as oil or water leaks. By degreasing your car's engine, you are providing your car's air filter with the cleanest oxygen possible to maximize the performance of the motor.

Scratch Removal

Whether you are selling your vehicle or want to show it some love, removing surface-level scratches can greatly elevate the market price of your vehicle. Approximately 30% of a car's value is lost due to exterior scratches and blemishes. Protect your automotive investment by giving us a call.

Leather conditioning

If you have leather interior, it is crucial to clean, condition, and protect your leather seats and accents. From normal usage of our cars, dirt, dust, and oils from our hands tarnish and discolor the leather, slowly brekaing it down over time. Untreated leather can become brittle and being cracking. Every time we get in and out of our cars, the leather material bends and moves causing stress and strain to the seats. Ask us how we can restore the finish of your leather to enhance the market worth of your car.

Pressure Washer Repair

We also check, diagnose, and fix residential and commercial pressure washers and burner